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PSAR Bot Script & Setup

(7 customer reviews)

From: $297.00

Limited Time: New Clients Save 25% a Month For Life!

PSAR V5 is our most profitable high frequency trading bot, and our first fully automated trading bot, changing its own settings based on real-time market conditions.

$297.00 / month
$2,997.00 / year
$747.00 every 3 months

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Limited Time: New Clients Save 25% a Month For Life!

The problem: Ever notice that one indicator setting never works in all market conditions?

The solution: Using automation, PSAR V5 detects real-time market conditions and changes it’s own settings. You set PSAR V5 up once for 8 different trend conditions, and then you don’t need to set it again when market conditions change!

PSAR V5 is our first fully automated trading bot, changing its own settings based on real-time market conditions.  Ever notice how one setting doesn’t work in all market conditions?  PSAR V5 solves this by using 4 different trend indicators to detect the trend of the market, and then uses predefined settings for 8 different trend conditions to automatically adjust as the market changes!  This reduces risk and saves the user time!

PSAR V5 is meant for the beginner user, making it easy to setup and easy to adjust with predefined default risk conditions for each market condition.  PSAR V5 ADVANCED allows the user to finely tune each setting for every market condition, and is available for our advanced users in VIP.

What is PSAR?

PSAR is our high-frequency scalper that is designed to take hundreds of trades a day and is the most profitable bot available from Swing Trade Pros.  PSAR V5 uses multiple filters to reduce the risk of using PSAR by filtering out trades that could become stuck, and changes these filters based on real-time market conditions.  Even with multiple filters to reduce risk, it is always important for users to manage their risk and accept the risks of running trading bots and strategies.

In addition members get access to these services as well:

  1. Setup Instructions on how to utilize PSAR
  2. Access to Private PSAR Only Client Chat & 24 Hour Support
  3. Fully Automated Alerts on Mobile and Desktop
  4. Affiliate Commission (10% recurring month commission for every referral)


The Swing Trade Pros PSAR Indicator run on the TradingView platform.

If you have not signed up for your FREE TradingView account please use the link below:

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STP subscriptions are intended for personal trading only and intended for use by the direct subscriber exclusively. STP reserves the right to cancel subscriptions deemed non-personal which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Reselling signals or alerts to third parties.
  • Trading on behalf of third parties utilizing STP products.
  • Usage of STP products for third party benefit.

Commercial subscriptions are available which allow the reselling of signals or trading on behalf of third parties by the direct subscriber. Commercial subscriptions are available and can be arranged through contacting a team member direct or emailing

7 reviews for PSAR Bot Script & Setup

  1. muhd.hisham1995

    I have been on the search for a successful trading bot for passive income for years now… Many failed me. However, I honestly feel that I may have actually found THE ONE.

    The PSAR script is incredible and highly accurate at identifying market trends.

    There are several settings that you can tweak and play around with. Settings that have been tested by the creators as well as customers are documented and you can easily copy them. 

    You can configure settings from a ‘set and forget’ bot to an aggressive money making bot (depending on your skills).

    I consider myself a beginner in the crypto trading space as such I have a more conservative setting (I rarely observe the market and the bot).
    I have been generating a decent average of 0.3% a day (9% in a month). Oh boy… I thought that was great till I found out that there are many members who manage more than 1% returns everyday!! I have to step up my game and follow their footsteps soon.

    Also, you not only pay for the amazing bot but also join this amazing community. Everyone’s helpful and willing to share their knowledge. Sometimes there are free zoom sharings as well!

    Come and join us!

    If you need more info feel free to reach me on discord –

  2. Edward Wall

    This is the indicator you need to buy your dream car, my portfolio is up 43% over the past 12 days so reported returns can very much be achieved! You set up the bot and make a profit while sleeping, easy.

  3. cryptofalk

    have to be a good choice for anybody 😉

  4. cryptofalk

    use is Incredible … 😉

  5. Francois Castonguay

    I used to play with bots’ settings on cryptohopper, haasonline, pionex and I spent days and days looking for a profitable strategy. Swing trades offer the best signal if you find something better please send me a message! The PSAR bot allows you to trade in the future market while adjusting your daily return in % to your risk-taking capacity. Swing trade use to send signal to your bot. Long in bull market you win. Short in bear market you win!! You just got not to be too greedy to avoid liquidation. With a safe strategy you can do 2-4% daily. If you are fearless, it goes up to 10%+ daily. I seriously advise you to aim for 1-2% daily, to do you research and to join teaching group class 40$ very well invested. Do you know that 5 000$ with 1% compounding daily worth 189 000$ after one year?
    Here a daily example, if you win 0,50$ in spot with a normal bot you’re not that happy, but when play in the market future with 20x it worth 10$. I do at least 100 trade a day. Join the discord to see more results the team and the community is insane!!
    You can also message me on discord if you have any questions: Frank19
    Notice: I find it affordable to pay 400$ a month with a minimum of 4k to invest.
    I would be please to see you join the family, have a good one!

  6. robertolivier20

    Insane good indicator! Purchased a monthly subscription and it earned itself back in 24 hours. The next day that amount tripled. Psar is worth every penny.

  7. fmabfnq3

    There are only 5 stars available, wish there were more than that!!! What a fantastic company. I have been using PSAR on futures, grid bots and VWAP on 3commas for 5 days and have already made $500+. In other words, I have already covered the PSAR fee in under 5 days!!! I can’t recommend this service and our community strong enough. Cheers!!!

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