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Private Coaching Session

(5 customer reviews)


1 Hour Coaching Session with an STP Team member of choice. Please see description for the Coach Overview to determine which coach might be the best fit for you.

Please Note: CanadianCEO is available under Advanced Coaching ONLY.

Refunds for coaching services rendered are non-refundable.


Swing Trade Pros offer our Coaching Services, which are customizable to the individual member’s needs. STP Coaching Services can be provided on an as-needed basis, and examples of use of the service may include (however are not limited to), the following:

  • 1. Overview of STP Indicators and Uses
  • 2. Custom Bot Settings & Technical Support
  • 3. Education (Stocks, Options, Crypto, Forex, etc)
  • 4. Tradingview Custom Chart Setups
  • 5. Exchange Overviews, including API setups
  • 6. PSAR Bot Setups

STP Coaching Services will be performed using Zoom or Google Hangouts as a screen share platform.

STP Coach Overview:

  • 1manshow: 3 years trading, intermediate bot tester/trainer. Suitable for new user PSAR bot setups including: risk management, bot settings & basic education.
  • STP CanadianCEO: 5+ years trading, lead bot developer & bot master. Suitable for high net worth advanced users looking for deep insights and optimizations to take their bot and accounts to the next level.
  • STP Node It All: 5+ years swing trading. Lead technical analyst with an expertise in charting and trading technical patterns. Suitable for new traders wanting to learn more about technical patterns and chart analysis.



5 reviews for Private Coaching Session

  1. taylor miles (verified owner)

    BEST ROi ever. Invest in yourself, learn indicators, ask questions, look at current charts. Learn how to trade.

  2. Phillip MacDonald (verified owner)

    Really good instruction and set me on the right path, where I was flopping around before I took this coaching. Todd is very knowledgeable in this space and I will definitely get some 1-on-1 coaching again to majorly improve my skills at trading. Thanks again Todd.

  3. Philipp Griessl

    The Coaching greatly helped to improve my performance and feel a lot more secure regarding my risk management strategies. I also learned many helpful little hacks that make the bot usage even easier and better to monitor. Great Value, thanks a lot!

  4. Michael Teo (verified owner)

    Great coaching session. Helped me to optimise my account to minimise risk and ensure steady profits. Answered all of my questions about how to manage my bots. Well worth the price of the session! Thank you.


    I’ve had great coaching sessions with both Mr Node, 1 man show and Todd on indicators, alerts and bots,. I highly recommend them if you want to improve your trading performance since you will start benefiting immediately. Thanks to the STP team! Keep it Up!

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