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Rapidfire Scalper V4

From: $97.00

Rapidfire V4 is built from the ground up to maximize scalping profits within higher quality swing ranges that are powered by STP Reversal.

Users are able to dozens of trades a day with lower risk using Rapidfire Scalper V4

$97.00 / month
$997.00 / year

Ride market waves with confidence. Maximize scalping profits within high quality swing ranges, powered by STP Reversal.

We’re excited to present the new and improved STP Rapidfire V4. This tool is the evolution of our original Rapidfire scalper, which has been making waves in the trading world for the past three years. Now, it’s back – rebuilt from the ground up and better than ever.

Rapidfire V4 takes our trusted scalping principles and supercharges them, tapping into STP Reversal’s high-grade Buy and Sell signals, offering unprecedented detection of long-term market trends. Now, you can ride the market waves with confidence, optimizing your profits within swing ranges.

Engineered to be user-friendly for both novices and veterans, Rapidfire V4 ensures that you dictate your trading journey. Set the trade frequency with ease and decide when trading resumes with a simple drop threshold mechanism when market trends reverse.

Rapidfire V4’s power lies in its innovative combination of MFI, ADX, and HMA filters. Eliminate ill-timed trades that occur at market peaks, troughs, or during sudden market movements. These filters are your secret weapon for smarter trading, particularly on shorter time frames.

Rapidfire V4 is the perfect companion for scalping volatile market conditions. Step into the future of trading with STP’s all new STP Rapidfire V4 today!

History of Rapidfire:
STP Rapidfire Re-Entries is the original scalper built by STP in 2019 and was built off the original STP Buy/Sell Signal
This is a real-time indicator that accurately shows the swings in the market.
When the shorter average crosses the longer average in the upward direction it will trigger a Buy Alert.
When the shorter average crosses the longer average in the downward direction it will trigger a Sell Alert.


STP subscriptions are intended for personal trading only and intended for use by the direct subscriber exclusively. STP reserves the right to cancel subscriptions deemed non-personal which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Reselling signals or alerts to third parties.
  • Trading on behalf of third parties utilizing STP products.
  • Usage of STP products for third party benefit.

Commercial subscriptions are available which allow the reselling of signals or trading on behalf of third parties by the direct subscriber. Commercial subscriptions are available and can be arranged through contacting a team member direct or emailing

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