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STP Bot Packages

From: $147.00 / month

Unlock the full power of our trading strategies with STP’s Bot Packages. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a trading veteran, our packages are precision-tailored to elevate your trading game. For beginners, step into the market confidently with user-friendly bots designed for a smooth learning curve, easy to setup, and a balanced simple risk-adjusted approach. Advanced traders can unleash their market prowess with detailed, customizable settings for a granular, strategy-driven trading experience.

At a starting price of just $97 a month, our STP Bot Packages go beyond mere affordability; they offer unmatched value, presenting users with substantial savings of up to $581 per month. 


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We’re excited to announce an unprecedented offering from Swing Trade Pros – our brand new Bot Packages, featuring a comprehensive mix of our advanced trading strategies designed for both BEGINNER and ADVANCED traders. For the first time, you can now access all three of our celebrated bots: PSAR V5, Rapidfire V4, and STP Reversal, through specially curated packages that suit your trading proficiency.

Starting at just $97 a month, these packages are not just about affordability; they are about value, offering incredible savings of up to $581 per month compared to individual monthly prices.

This offer is transformative, not just in terms of the savings but also in the potential it unlocks for your trading journey. Make the most of our Bot Packages and start trading with precision and confidence.


Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of automated trading or you’re a seasoned trader aiming for the highest level of customization, our packages are tailored to fit your needs:

Beginner Bot Package

Embark on your automated trading adventure with the Beginner Bot Package from Swing Trade Pros. This package is made with the novice trader in mind, offering a easier introduction to the world of automated trading with simple setup and management of our industry leading strategies. Within this package, you’ll find user-friendly beginner versions of PSAR V5, Rapidfire V4, and STP Reversal. As our most profitable bot, PSAR V5 is your gateway to high-frequency trading with easy setup and predefined risk conditions. Rapidfire V4 simplifies market trend detection and riding the wave to consistent long term profits, with a straightforward risk setting  where you just enter a value between 1 and 10 for risk (1=lowest risk, 10=highest risk). Lastly, STP Reversal opens the door to advanced profitable swing strategies with an uncomplicated easy setup for new traders. Together, these bots establish a well-rounded, balanced trading strategy, easing you into the automated trading landscape with confidence.

Advanced Bot Package

Unleash the full spectrum of automated trading with the Advanced Bot Package from Swing Trade Pros. This elite package is designed for the seasoned trader, keen on exploring the depths of trading strategies with a trio of our sophisticated bots: PSAR V5 ADVANCED, Rapidfire V4 Advanced, and STP Reversal Advanced. Delve into the high-risk, high-reward domain with PSAR V5 ADVANCED, allowing for meticulous tuning for each market condition. Conquer the market’s long and short trends with our consistently profitable lower-risk scalper Rapidfire V4 Advanced, offering precise control over advanced settings and powerful filters. Lastly, STP Reversal Advanced unveils a realm of custom swing strategies with powerful indicators and filters. Each bot stands strong on its own, yet together they form a balanced arsenal, blending high-risk high-reward trading with lower-risk, steady gains. Transform your trading journey into a precise, life changing profit-generating success story with STP‘s Advanced Bot Package.


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