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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Swing Trade Pros
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In our 32nd VIP, you get insights on how to trade the crypto market in 2024 from Node, Ninja Trader and CEO. We help you make a successful plan for 2024 with Ninja's on-chain metrics, Node's industry leading technical analysis, and CEO covers how to manage your bots for the upcoming bull market. Then CEO does a lesson on Multi-Bot strategies to trade with PSAR, Rapidfire and Reversal at the same time.

In our 31st VIP, CEO introduces STP's new Beginner and Advanced Bot Packages and shows this years incredible Black Friday deals up to 50% off! CEO also does a session on ADVANCED TREND STRATEGY for RAPIDFIRE V4

In our 30th VIP, CEO introduces the world to the all new Rapidfire V4 that is surpassing all expectations with profits! Get an introduction to the new features, a beginners guide to STP Rapidfire V4 setup, and an advanced users only setup guide for Rapidfire V4 with some DEGEN hacks!

In our 29th VIP CEO officially launches STP Reversal with a introduction to the new features, a beginners guide to STP Reversal setup and strategies, and a look at the new Advanced features and Advanced setup guide.

In our 28th VIP CEO launches STP Reversal with a deep dive introduction to the new reversal indicators, filters and automation. CEO also gives a quick setup guide for STP Reversal. We also cover the new releases of PSAR V5 1.6 and PSAR V5 Advanced V15 with the addition of a fully automated MFI filter and easy onboarding setup. Finally, CEO go into great depth on his PSAR+MR scalper strategy that made over 470% in 2 months on paper trading.

In our STP Multi-Range Edition of VIP, we launch the brand new Multi-Range indicator by MMMike! First we cover some PNL, and then Mad Magic Mike introduces Multi-Range and some strategies to go along with it. Then we deep dive strategies from low time frames down to 15 minutes all the way up to 2D macro. We also cover why EQ is the most important innovation to happen to DCA.

In our Christmas Edition of VIP, STP is giving VIPs 3 presents for the holiday season! STP Trend Automator, STP Multi-Range, and new versions of PSAR V5 and PSAR V5 ADVANCED! Tuff Octopus also gives his strategies for the Bear Market including his very profitable Options trading strategy!!

In our 25th VIP session CEO presents the Ultimate Guide to Taking Profit, followed by a massive Bear Market strategy toolkit for all our VIPs.

In our 24th VIP session we do an indepth strategy session on the new PSAR V5, Todd revisits static DCA strategy and CEO does an ADX deep dive for PSAR V5 Advanced!

In our 23rd VIP session we show you the new STP Backtester, the new PSAR V5 ADVANCED updates including ADX + PSAR Distance, the new Wick Hunter Risk Automation using Trend, and cover strategies for managing 3Commas bots with PSAR V5 ADVANCED.

In our 22nd VIP session we launch the highly anticipated PSAR V5 ADVANCED to our VIPs, CEO describes the new features of V5 and how to setup, Mr. Toe shows tips and tricks with PSAR V5 and Todd shows how to setup V5 with TVAM and previews Wick Hunter Hosted!

In our 22nd VIP session we launch the highly anticipated PSAR V5 ADVANCED to our VIPs, CEO describes the new features of V5 and how to setup

In our 21st VIP session, CEO does a PSAR technical deep dive, Lemmod shows his Wick Hunter Automation tools and Todd shows how he took a $49K future account up to $71K!

This is our 20th VIP Session where CEO gives an advanced PSAR session on Bag Prevention and Manual Bag Management, Todd does a deep dive into TV Alert Manager Automation and T/A Shutdown Alerts

This is our 19th VIP Session where CEO gives a deep dive into the new PSAR + Rapidfire Combo strategy using PSAR Trend as well as ways to automate Risk using PSAR Trend, Todd gives an update on VIP2 and TVAM, and gives his new SuperScalper strategy.


This is our 17th VIP Session where CEO gives a world premiere exclusive VIP preview of PSAR Trend and PSAR V5!! Todd also goes over automation with TVAM and updates on VIP Strategies

This is our 16th VIP Session where CEO finally covers the Art of Shorting using PSAR, Todd shows his new automated VWAPs indicator and other updates, as well as how to manage bags, and TuffOctopus shows his PSAR SPOT Strategy that has averaged 0.9% per day!

This is our 15th VIP Session where AlphaOmega66 previews his powerful AlphaEdge swing trading strategy for the STP VIPs, CanadianCEO gives a checklist of options for manually DCAing out of bags, and Todd shows the new Tradingview Alert Manager Trend Automation functionality!

This is our 14th VIP Session where CEO discusses how to trade ranges and trends with bots, our newest mod Tom talks WH strategy, and Todd shows his money printing machine VIP Strategy #2 which is nearing 100% ROI in a few weeks!

This is our 13th VIP Session where Todd Ninja and CEO Reflect on 2021 and Set Goals for 2022, CEO makes the VIP New Years Resolution of Daily Compounding, Todd covers his VIP strategy updates and TV Mass Edit Tips and Tricks. Finally CEO covers manual DCA including “the Bernie” DCA method

This is our 12th VIP Christmas Special Q&A where STP Todd and CanadianCEO answer our VIPs questions. We give a special PREVIEW of PSAR V5, cover a new DCA bag management strategy, Hedging Futures, and give our macro HTF analysis on the crypto market.

This is our 11th VIP Session where Todd covers his new VIP Strategy Update, CEO goes over his Composite Spot Bot Strategy and CEO explains how to correct bot settings from dumps

This is our tenth PSAR VIP Group session!!! CEO shows Rapidfire V3 FINAL and gives some strategies for Rapidfire. Todd does a deep dive into grid bots, and CEO talks in depth about making a living from trading bots.

This is our ninth PSAR VIP Group session where we recap the NFT.NYC conference, CEO does a deep dive into the new PSAR V4.5 default risk settings, Lemmod and Todd cover the SSB automation tool, CEO does part 2 of Cycle Top planning, and Tuff Octopus shows how he went from $2K to $47K in 20 days.

This is our eight PSAR VIP Group session where we cover DIV settings for different market conditions, Todd shares his investment tracking spreadsheet, and CEO discusses Exit Plan for the Halving Cycle Top

This is our seventh PSAR VIP Group session where we cover our new VIP Backtester, Todd goes over his multi bot strategy in Trading Bot 101, and CEO gives his Bot Testing method

This is our sixth PSAR VIP Group session where we cover PSAR V4.5 and the Art of the NEW DIVs, Glassnode, TuffOctapus does a Degen update and both CanadianCEO and Todd give some Bot Trading Psychology

This is our fifth PSAR VIP Group session where we cover holding bags, not being greedy and TuffOctapus turning $2K to $100K! We also update you on the VIP strategy, give recommended settings for the current market, and introduce our new STP NFTs.

This is our fourth PSAR VIP Group session where we cover manual alerts, Trend change alerts, and our VIPs get access to our brand new Rapidfire V3 with the new Divergence Filter!!

This is our third PSAR VIP Group session where we cover hedged swing positions, Todd's $200K Bot Diversification Strategy, and we go over our exclusive VIP only strategy which has profited over 500% in one month!

This is our second PSAR VIP Group session where we cover our best DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) strategies including manual DCA and Todd's 7 SO strategy. We also talk about the 3C Bot Manager and Todd's VIP only strategy that has hit 127% in the last 3 weeks!!

Enjoy the first PSAR VIP Group session where we cover how to setup your own settings for each pair, our exclusive release of the TradingView Companion for VIPs, and Todd shares his strategy where he made 20% in one weekend!

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