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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Swing Trade Pros

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What is PSAR V5? Imagine a bot that changes its own setting based on real-time market conditions, so you can enjoy passive income while not having to watch the market and change your bot every time the market moves. Enjoy more time enjoying your life, and less time managing your bots!

In this lesson we go over how to setup PSAR V5 in 3Commas, we go over how to fine tune settings for each market condition, and we learn strategies to increase and decrease profits/risk!

This Video shows you how to setup PSAR V5 in Wick Hunter while taking advantage of FULL AUTOMATION to change Wick Hunter Risk Profile settings automatically using PSAR V5.

CEO does a deep dive into PSAR V5 with getting started tips, trouble shooting, and strategies for fine tuning PSAR V5.

In this lesson, CEO teaches you how the 3 methods to get very profitable with PSAR V5. CEO also covers how to setup many pairs rapidly, and answers fantastic questions from Swing Trade Pros' incredible PSAR user community.

In this lesson, CEO completes the PSAR V5 end-to-end strategy with the Ultimate Guide to TAKING PROFIT! Learn how to risk off from futures, how to accumulate coins using spot, and how to risk off of exchanges into cold storage. This is essential learning for ALL trading bot users!

In this lesson, CEO goes over the new updates to PSAR V5 including Global Strategy Settings which allow users easy 1-click strategies to setup quickly! This update also includes new filters and new user interface updates. Watch this session to learn how to use the new PSAR V5 update features!

In this lesson, CEO goes over the new PSAR V5 v1.6 update which has FULL AUTOMATION for our most powerful filter yet, MFI!!! We have also made setup easier for new users! Watch this session to learn how to use the new PSAR V5 update features!

In this lesson, CEO does a deep dive on the PSAR + Multi-Range Scalper Strategy that made 474% profit after 2 months of paper trading testing. Disclaimer: This video contains paper trading results which are a test/simulation of trading that do not effect the order book, live trading results would be different. Past results also do not guarantee future results.

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