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I can’t really describe what value you get here, it is too much. A little sum up: all the good indicators, an online family who will help you with all your questions, the STP team has always time to help you.

Everett Bradley

Insanely good indicator! Purchased a monthly subscription and it earned itself back in 24 hours. The next day that amount tripled. Psar is worth every penny.

Robert Olivier

There are only 5 stars available, wish there were more than that!!! What a fantastic company. I have been using PSAR on futures, grid bots and VWAP on 3commas for 5 days and have already made $500+. In other words, I have already covered the PSAR fee in under 5 days!!! I can’t recommend this service and our community strong enough. Cheers!!!

Jerome Matthews

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