AI Smart Money Bot

AI Smart Money Bot

$87.00 / month

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The Smart Money bot advanced trading algorithm uses predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in unison with historical and real-time market data to be consistently profitable. Trading stock and options, it has consistently beat the market time over time with a 85% win rate. The defining feature is that the bot runs on its own operating system built from scratch and has no human interaction other than setting risk level.

The algorithm is monitoring real-time market conditions and analyzes over 3,000 tickers symbols, including but not limited to the major market indexes and fortune 500 companies. The Smart Money Bot offers exact entry and exit points, the exact profit target for each trade, and the exact stop loss for each trade. All of this information is available within our member’s area on discord and it can easily be followed by beginners and experts. About 70% percent of trading in the stock market is done by high frequency traders and this bot gives you the edge in the market. Our bot is one of a kind and can’t be replicated or replaced. The future of the market is without a doubt in the hands of machines and we want to bring you with us.