3Commas Marketplace Signals

3Commas Marketplace Signals

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$147.00 / month

3Commas Trading Bot Monthly Service.

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Swing Trade Pros Scalper Alerts are based on STP’s own Premium Indicators and are designed to consistently provide profits, no matter the market direction. Our signals provide fast entry to profitable deals which can quickly compound over time. Our Scalper Strategy is a market neutral, or hedged strategy which works excellent on margin trading. This involves running both Long and Short of the currency, taking profit based on the overall volatility. In essence, we do not care about the price of the currency, we are simply trading the volatility.

During times of market indecision, our strategy will be profitable where others are not, as we are simply scalping small movements. In these times of indecision, there is still room for profit as most channels will have movements which allow profitable entry and exit. In times of large market volatility, we will remain profitable as our signals are based on a premium script which is reactive to the ever-changing markets.

We are currently providing profitable signals for ALL Bitmex & Bybit Pairs. Binance is offered as well, with more pairs able to be added upon request in our Discord.

Our Daily Average is 1% per day, regardless of Market Direction. This can be excellent to compound a small balance into a larger one over time.

Results of our strategy and more information can be found documented in our Discord.



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2 reviews for 3Commas Marketplace Signals

  1. Edward Wall

    This is marketed as the conservative signals package and is easily accessible through the 3commas marketplace and easy to set up. They provide you with consistent, low-risk signals that almost never get you into trouble. My portfolio has returned close to 20% for the past month, that is an incredible return for signals that are considered conservative.

  2. Jerom Langereis

    You have Short and long bot on the same pair, on the same account? Edward, wall?

    • Swing Trade Pros

      Currently just running longs only mate!

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