STP Reversal is our most advanced swing strategy yet. Unwrap a world of high-quality trades, top-tier swing strategies, and transformative filtering – all rolled into one powerhouse. Reversal’s strategic focus on high time frame trades diverts away from hasty, less reliable low time frame counter trend scalps, empowering you to confidently secure rewarding trades, retain profitable swing positions, or wait until our fully automated auto-reverse is triggered.

Beginner: Reversal's Beginner Mode allows you to select your preferred reversal indicator and then just enter a value between 1 and 10 for risk (1=lowest risk, 10=highest risk). This is an absolute game changer for new users getting started, an easy way to setup new pairs.

Advanced: Reversal Advanced offers experienced users the ability to fully customize their swing strategy with 5 powerful swing indicators and 10 filters to create and perfect your swing strategy.