With Rapidfire V4, not only do you detect the market's waves, but you also ride them. It's time to harness your profits within those lucrative swing ranges. Rapidfire V4 takes our trusted scalping principles and supercharges them, tapping into STP Reversal’s high-grade Buy and Sell signals, offering unprecedented detection of long-term market trends. Now, you can ride the market waves with confidence, optimizing your profits within swing ranges.

Beginner: Engineered to be user-friendly for beginners, Rapidfire V4 Beginner allows users to easily setup with a simple 1-10 setting for risk on longs and shorts (1=lowest risk, 10=highest risk), and full automation in sending out alerts.

Advanced: Rapidfire V4 Advanced ensures that you dictate your trading journey. Get full control over all the settings, all the filters, and get that fine control over your Rapidfire setup to get the best possible results.